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Fleming Award WinnersMuseums exist to educate, entertain, awe, and delight. Whether their focus is art, history, science, or some fascinating hybrid, they put a great deal of time into figuring out how to present their collections to the (often quite distracted) public. Of course, it makes total sense that they'd want to make sure that their catalogs, mailers, and other materials make just as much of an impact.

At Villanti, we know that our approach to the printing process, along with our stochastic capabilities, gives us the ability to create awesome color—true-to-life, eye-popping, museum-quality color. You combine that with our attention to detail and it means that we can help museums showcase their collections and attract visitors. 

The 97th annual New England Museum Association (NEMA) conference took place last week (November 4-6) in Portland, Maine. We have worked with NEMA-member museums for years, so for us it's always fun to catch up with old friends—and meet new ones. For museum professionals, it's a chance to share secrets, concerns, advice, and inside jokes—and also, apparently, judge each other's publications.

 The University of Vermont's Fleming Museum has been one of our partners for a long time. They recently underwent a rebranding, and we helped them produce new collateral (including an annual appeal that resulted in increased donor response) to reflect their new identity. We liked the work, they liked the work, and it seems that the judges in the NEMA Publications Competition liked it too:

  • Our Newsletter won first place in the Newsletters and Magazines category
  • Our Rack Card won second place in the Marketing/PR Materials category
  • Our Map won second place in the Supplementary Materials category
  • The Annual Fund piece won Third Place in the Annual Fund, Capital Campaign and Other Development Materials category

We love working with museums. And it's safe to say that we put as much thought into curating their publications as they do into curating their collections. We deliver on-budget brochures, catalogs, and other materials that are the next best thing to actually being there in person.

Head on out and visit your local museum today. Here are a few of our recommendations:

Robert Hull Fleming Museum

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum

Hood Museum of Art

Birds of Vermont Museum

Shelburne Museum

Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum